As can be seen from Michael's Genealogy Pages  I  have made little progress
in compiling my own family tree. 
Family tradition  has it that our roots lie in the pirate ridden waters between
Ireland and Wales  with a few Vikings thrown in for good measure. 
... The name is certainly nordic in origin. Literally "Ormr" means Serpent. 

As it isn't easy doing this research from Spain, I would welcome contact 
  or information from anyone who is able to take the Orme or the.Holme trees 
farther back. Please contact me by E-mail: 
In the mid-1920s Stephen Orme 
(standing) and his 
'Creswell Dance Band'      
were in popular demand. 
It was because he taught the violin 
and Michael's father went to him 
to learn, that the Griffin and Orme
families became friends.
Stephen Orme c1920 Gladys Holme
Mai's mother in 1926 ... listening to music on a crystal set belonging to Michael's father.