The main Griffin Family tree was researched by Michael's sister, Maureen Owen.

Our daughter Gaile assisted with the early tree and prepared the charts for this site.

We owe, to their diligence, the great detail and extent of the information. Included are a few of the charts they compiled. They both spent hours following leads and travelling to view documents privately held, as well as making frequent trips to London to confirm their findings. However they concede that they had a lot of luck in bridging gaps.

One of their most important discoveries was that the respected genealogist, Reverend Harvey Bloom (father of author Ursula), was commissioned by the Griffin family in 1921 to trace their roots and compile a history.

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Author's note

Hooking into a well researched family tree, invariably leads to outrageous claims - in theory, the family line extends back to Tacitus Tegid (270 AD) but earlier charts are not included here, as that information is "somewhat" dubious

Cadell & Rhys the Great .... 1060 - 1132

Latimer & Domesday Bk ... 1040 - 1455

Griffin to Owen Gwynedd .. 1169 - 1208

Griffins of Leicestershire ....1208 - 1405

Griffin and the Bards............ 1430 - 1679

Griffins & Ormes ................... 1679 - 1988

  Many times, off-shoots of the family tree were discovered that neither could resist  researching. 
According to two sources, the Rev Harvey Bloom and another book,  "The Gentle Shakespeare", 
  William Shakespeare was Michael's second cousin 13 times removed... and Lady Godiva 
was his 30th great-grandmother!   

Many other historically famous (and infamous) names crop up because the charts are extensive - spreading sideways from the main stem. Having discovered them they cannot be ignored, so we hope you will explore by clicking on individuals or grey boxes.

The younger generation