Bartholomew Griffin 
d. c1602 
The author of 
"Fidessa, more chaste than kinde" 1596.

The third sonnet was reproduced in
"The Passionate Pilgrime", 1599.

He was known as The Poet of Coventry 
and described as 
"An author of sonnets of 
singular beauty and sweetness" 
Some of his work was published, in error,
under the name of his cousin 
W. Shakespeare, London 1596
The sonnets were dedicated to 
William Essex, Inns of Court. 
They are preserved in the 
Bodleian Library Oxford.
Bartholomew had one son, Rice 

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Published  in 
     English Madrigal Verse 1588 - 1632.
Edited from the original
Song Books
E. H. Fellowes

"In Solitary Range of Pathless Mountains"

Published in Oxford by The Clarendon Press. 2nd.Edition (First pub.1920)

First set of English Madrigals

6. Faire is my love

Faire is my love that feedes among the Lillies,

The Lillies growing in that pleasant garden,

WhereCupids mount that welbeloved hill is,

And where that little god himselfe is warden.

See where my Love fits in the beds of spices,

Beset all round with Camphere, Myrrhe and Roses,

And interlac'd with curious devices,

Which her from all the world apart incloses.

There doth she tune her Lute for her delight,

And with sweet musick makes the ground to move,

Whilest I (poore I) doe sit alone in heavie plight,

...Wayling alone my unrespected love,

Not daring rush into so rare a place,

That gives to her and she to it a grace.


Soon as the hungry lion seeks his prey

In solitary range of pathless mountains;

Soon as the passenger sets on his way;

Soon as beasts resort unto the fountains;

So soon mine eyes their office are discharging,

And I my griefs with greater griefs enlarging.


Compare me to the child that plays with fire,.

. Or to the fly that dieth in the flame,

.Or to the foolish boy that did aspire

.To touch the glory of high heaven's frame.

No man to these me fitly can compare;

.These live to die, I die to live in care.